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All you need to start doing FEA like a pro:

  • How to support your model
  • What mesh type and size to use
  • How to load your model
  • Obtaining and analyzing FEA outcomes
  • Along with a friendly introduction to FEA

Practical use of nonlinear FEA in a nutshell:

  • How nonlinear FEA works (no math inside!)
  • Stable and unstable nonlinear geometry problems
  • Popular nonlinear material models
  • SolvingĀ convergence issues
  • Understanding and analyzing outcomes

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What the FEA Guild is all about

For me, learning is, and should be, FUN!

This is why in my course you start learning nonlinear FEA on a floating island of FEA Wizards Guild! You will be asked to travel a lot, and do some FEA guests on your way to become a true FEA Wizard. Heck, you will even gain experience levels and earn money as you go (to buy awesome stuff at the guild merchant).

Of course, its the skills you gain that count!

I have a Ph.D. in engineering, and I run my own FEA company for years – trust me, I know this stuff! But knowing it’s not enough! I’ve been teaching at University for 10 years (and blogging for 4!) – this helped me to develop my unique style of sharing knowledge. I’m sure you’ve already encountered people that knew a lot… but had no idea how to share their knowledge (or simply were not willing to!). I guess I’m different!

In FEA Guild, you can count on difficult things to be explained easily! I will never teach you stuff I don’t use on a daily basis in my FEA office… so we won’t derive differential equations. Instead, I will explain to you what I do, how I do it, and why! This way, you will simply be able to solve real engineering problems with FEA!

Surprisingly… back to the fun again!

I hope it’s quite clear that I have all the ducks in a row. I have over a decade of teaching experience, along with over a decade of actual design experience in my own company… and a Ph.D. (BTW if you will ever want to launch your first business as you start a Ph.D… call me first!).

So you may wonder, why the heck did I even work on the “FUN part” of it?! Wouldn’t it be easier to simply create a “normal” course and be done with this?

Well… it definitely would be WAY EASIER for me! But the thing is, it would be way worse for you! You see, FEA is a complex thing, and my courses cover a LOT of stuff. Simply put, if you want to learn, you will have to spend some time on that. Sure, I could tell you “it’s on you to motivate yourself”… after all I can’t learn for you myself! But I decided to do a step forward. I gamified the learning experience, there are hidden jokes, treasures, and other crazy things (we even have an FEA monster!) in the course… just to make it more attractive! I really hope this will help you to motivate yourself to learn!

Plus… if you have good progress in the course, you get a chance to see “behind the scenes”, some funny bloopers, and things like that! So it’s not only motivating… it’s also just plain FUN! And this is how learning should feel like!

My dream comes true!

I admit, that I was thinking of creating something like this for a long time! And even as I write these words, I fully know, that it will be months before I finish the nonlinear course (and it is almost a year of work already!). But I know that it’s a worthy effort, practically irrelevant to the commercial success of the whole project. Mostly, because it makes me happy, that I’ve created a learning environment I always wanted to have myself! And I’m just starting here ^^

Thank you for reading this all, I really appreciate this! If my ideas of teaching, learning, and fun resonate with you well, please let me know! I’m always happy to connect with people who think in a similar way! You can always reach me atĀ enterfea@enterfea.com